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Coventry deeds and papers


Lease from John Nethermyll' of Coventr' draper, Hugh Harmon' of Sutton' in Celfeld' and William Gybbons, John Gybbons, John Preist, Guy Webbe and Richard Veysy of the same to Henry Thirkall' of Coventr' mercer, of 2 crofts in Quenystresse by the city of Coventr' with other arable land lying in diverse places, and a piece of meadow alongside Ronnyng Water', with another croft lying near the said Quenyscroft late in the tenure of Thomas Castell, and another croft lying in Harnold' [Harnall] now in the tenure of Richard Saunders, butcher; to hold the same from Christmas last for a term of 21 years rendering annually 45 shillings (4 terms); and the said Henry to take only the tinsel (i.e. waste) wood at seasonable times in and about the said ground; and he is also to pay all rents etc. due to the king or other lords on the said property; and he is also to collect a yearly rent of 12 pence from the Trinity Guild of Coventr' and a yearly rent of 20 pence from a tenement which John Foxall' holds, to be paid to the lessors. Dated: 9 January 12 Henry VIII. 1 split tag, seal 1 lost; seal 2 red, a fleur de lis, defaced; remaining 2 tags lost. Endorsed: a leasse by the foeffees of certen drapers landes in Coventr' of the Dun Ridinges in the xiith of Henry theighte and a yardeland in Stychall, lande in Harnhale and chief rentes in Coventry [AG]