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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from William Waldyave of Alispathe to Hugh son of Adam de Pikeforde, for homage and service, of the land which Adam father of the said Hugh held of Richard de Kintone in Alispathe; to hold for ever of the said William rendering annually 2 shillings (4 terms), for all service except foreign service, for which the said Hugh gave 30 shillings. Witnesses: John son of Benedict de Alesleye, Walter son of William de Alispathe, Richard Falke of the same, Richard Goding of the same, Richard le Archer of the same, Gilbert son of Thomas de le Horewelle and others. Seal on tag; circular, green, a bird. Legend: obscure. Endorsed: i) Willelmus Waldyeve [15th c.] ii) [continued by AG] graunte al Pykforde pro homagio et servicio militare. iii) ii sups; redditus [AG] iv) Hering de Pickford Yate pour chevalier service. [AG].