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Harborough Magna deeds and papers, a lease


Lease from John Laken' clerk, parson of Gret Harborow to William Wyrley of Bremyscham, gent., of the parsonage of Gret Harborow with all buildings, glebe lands, tithes, oblations, emoluments, etc. to hold of the said John from the feast of St. Michael next ensuing for a term of three years, and then for a like term of three years and so on for 15 years, paying annually £7. 9s. 4d. (2 terms) to be paid in the parish church of Pollesworth' between 9 and 10 a.m. on the feast days appointed or within 16 days thereof; and the said William agrees to make good all dilapidations; and should the said John die within the term appointed, then the said William is to find a lawful and sufficient curate to minister the sacraments and say divine service, and the said John to be discharged from the payment of all dues during the said term except the 10th of the King; and the said William, Thomas Wodshaw of Tameworthe, grazier, and Robert Grotwiche of the same, tanner, have bound themselves in the sum of £10 by an obligation bearing even date to keep these covenants; and the said John, John Laken' of Austrey and John Laken' of Aderston' have bound themselves in like manner.

Dated, 4 August 29 Henry VIII
Tag, seal lost.

Endorsed: i) The person of Herborough net this leese of Greete Harborne ii) Willelmis Bowghton, armiger tenet advocacionem ecclesie per servitium militare [AG].