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Pinley in Coventry deeds and papers


Demise from William Boule, clerk, and Henry Caytewayte, clerk, to Sir Adam Peshale and Joyce his wife of the manor of Pynleye next Coventre with all the lands, tenements, rents and services excepting the lands, tenements, rents, and services in Wykene; also 72s.8d. and 10 marks after the death of the said William Boule to be taken from the Abbey of Coumbe annually; and 33s.10d. rent in Coventre and the advowson of the church of Heredeburgh'; a messuage in Henleye; and all the lands, tenements, rents, and services in Cruddeshale, Pathlowe, Botteleye, Whytenassh', Broughton' and Styvechale which they held by the gift of Sir Baldwin Frevyll'; to hold the same for the duration of the life of the said Joyce of the chief lord of the fee; and after her death the said property to revert to the said Sir Baldwin Frevill'. Witnesses: John Toftes, mayor of Coventre, Thomas Mareschall' mercer and Richard de Lychefeld', bailiffs of the same city, John Lybard', master of the Guilds of the Trinity and Our Lady in Coventre, Sir William Bagot', knight, Sir John Mallory knight, John Wychard' and others. Dated at Coventre, Wednesday on the feast of St. Martin, 12 Richard II. 2 seals on a split tag: circular, red, heraldic: i) on a bend, three ?chessrooks; the whole within a cusped border. Legend: SIGILLUM WILLELMI D' BOULE ii) a cross patence in dexter chief a bird in sinister chief a mullet, the whole within a cusped border. Legend: SIGILLUM D'NI HENRICI CAYTEWAYTE Endorsed: i) Jocosa Buttetort filia domini de Wely Baronis Castri ibidem [AG] ii) Iunctura Jocosae nuper uxoris B. Frevyle pex feoffatos Baldwyni Frevyle militis [AG] iii) Stivechale, xxxiii sups;. x supd;. in Coventrey [AG]