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Harnall in Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Ranulph de S---eton [an attempt has been made to alter this to Stivechall] to Master Wischard, Rector of the Church of Alisleg' of a certain enclosed croft at Harnhal' with a meadow and other appurtenances, namely that croft which lies in length from the land of Martin Colbrond to the watercourse running from Hovenetesford', and in breadth between the land of Robert Herbert on one side and the land of William Edwi on the other; to hold the same of the said Ranulph rendering annually one clove of gillyflower, and to the lord of that fee 3 shillings of silver and 4 pence (4 terms); and for this the said Wischard gives 22 shillings. Witnesses: John son of Benedict of Alisleg', Alexander de Glovernia, Thomas de Kerisl' William Lewin, Robert de Clocher', Robert de Chilterna, Martin Colbrond, Nicholas de Harnhal', Geoffrey Breton, Simon Clerk of Alisleg' and others. Seal on tag: oval, green. A double fleur de lys. Legend indecipherable. Endorsed: i) Gosford Streeit ii) Ra. Styvingal' iii sups;.iiii supd;. Margerie Nerebon Thomas Dudleys medewe --- the one parte [AG] iii) Harnhale iii sups;.iiii supd;. iv) Coventre