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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Copy from the court roll of the court baron of Arthur Gregory, esq. and Jane his wife, held at Stychall, on 6 November 36 Elizabeth, recording that Robert Harberd of Meriden came and surrendered to the lord 8 selions of land in Allispath', five of which lay in a field called le Churche field and 3 in another field called le Old Worthing, held at an annual rent of 4 shillings; which land lately pertained to the site of the manor there; and the said land was granted to the said Robert Harberd, Henry his son and Richard Sheriff, son of Thomas Sheriff, deceased, to hold for the duration of their lives, rendering annually 4 shillings, and paying suit of court at Stivinghal and Allispath'. Signed by the steward of the court, `per me Edwardum Chapleyn' Seal on tongue, tie lost; circular, red. A fleur de lis. Endorsed: A surrender of lands in Mereiden in Stichall Court [LG]