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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift from Margery de Nerbona, late lady of Stivechale to Sir Geoffrey de Langeleye of the whole site of the fishpond of Stivechale with appurtenances, formerly divided equally between them; to hold the same for ever of the said Margaret, paying annually for this and for all other lands and tenements which the said Geoffrey holds of the said Margaret in the vill and lands of Stivechal', one rose at the feast of St. John the Baptist, as is more fully shown in the `magna carta' which the said Geoffrey had of the said Margaret for the lands and tenements about which a dispute had arisen between them at Warewyk' before Sir Gilbert de Prestona, one of the king's justices; and the said Geoffrey may enclose the said fishpond with a wall, ditch or hedge and use it as he pleases. Witnesses: Sir Walter de Langel', Sir Thomas de Endesouure, Geoffrey de Wylenhal', Henry de Stivechale, Peter de Stok', John Shokeberewe, Philip Noricoun, William de Pynele, John le Keu, John Beleteste and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Styvychale [14th c.] ii) Styvchale. Margerya quondam domina de Styvych' [AG] iii) Iste Galfridus obiit anno 2 E I [AG] iv) vivarium ad finem ville [AG] v) This died permith Langley, purchasor of Stivechal' to hold by a rose per medium [AG]