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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Quitclaim from Alice daughter of Luke de Mele in her widowhood to Juliana, daughter of Thomas son of [Nicholas de Hulle] of her right in all the land which the said Thomas son of Nicholas held in the said town with appurtenances or in any part of the land, concerning which land ------- between the grantor and the said Juliana; and for this the said Juliana gives one mark. Witnesses: [Robert] de Canele, John de Stanl', Alexander de Crulefeld, Robert de Meleburn', Thomas de Crulefeld, Peter de Prestwell', Simon de Schukkeberewe, Robert Russel and others. Seal on tag: green, broken and indecipherable. Endorsed: i) Alicie filie [Luce] de Meleburn' [contemp.] ii) Hull' iii) Kingshull [AG]