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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Richard de Kynton', with the assent of Matilda his wife, to Martin son of Audoenus for homage and service, of all the arable land of his demesne of Allespath'; namely, his share in Cherchefurlong',in Burifurlong', in the field against the mill,in the field against the well and in the ploughland between the road of Covintr' and the land of Hugh Chimbel, together with a capital messuage and a field pertaining to the demesne; to hold of Richard paying annually a rent of 8 shillings on the feast of St. Andrew; and the said Martin and his heirs to remain resident tenants; for which Martin gives two marks to Richard and to his wife Matilda half a mark. Witnesses: Sir Philip de Kynton', William de Bracebrug', Philip de Ascell', sheriff, Geoffrey de Cherlecot', Alexander de Bikenhull', Alan son of Reiner, Gilbert Falke, David Brecwod' and others. Seal on tag, broken, wrapped in red silk. Endorsed: i) Carta Ricardi de Kynton' [15th c.] ii) [continued by AG] de dominico et capitali stitu de Allispath tenentis per servitium militare iii) viii sups; redditus iv) Martyne fitz Owyni, Richard fitz Martyne[AG] v) Matilda de Kyngton' vidua conferme et done a Waldiff; vide cartam salvo forinseco [AG]