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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Joylinus de Styvichehale to Geoffrey le Lef of Coventr' and Geoffrey his son of a curtilage with appurtenances in the vill of Styvichehale called le Overhallestede lying between the land once held by John de Barwe and the land of Ranulph son of Hugh de Styvichehale, and extending from the common field of Styvichehale as far as the highway, in length and breadth; to hold of the said Joylinus for the lives of the said Geoffrey and of his son Geoffrey, paying annually 3 shillings at the four annual terms customary in the vill of Styvichehale in lieu of all secular services pertaining to the said property; and for this the said Geoffrey gives 10 shillings. Witnesses: William `parcario', coroner of Coventr', Adam Myle of Wytele, Geoffrey de Wytele, Richard de Asseby of Coventr', John le Butter of the same, Ranulph son of Hugh of Styvichehale, John le Eyr of the same, Adam Russel, Ralph the clerk and others. Seal on tag; oval, white; damaged. A paschal lamb. Legend: SIGILL'---- Endorsed: i) Stiveschale in comit' de Warewyk [14th c.] ii) a lease of the overhalstude in Stivechale [AG] iii) this deid provith ii butts y supt; Tho. Gregory died seised of, w supc; suph; Richard Sandler entred on, to be parcel of Overhall. Agreable w supt; suph; y supe; terrior [AG]