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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Joylinus de Stivechale to Richard de Essceby in Coventr', merchant, of 8 selions in the field of Stivechale called le Hallefeld with all the adjacent headland next to the road leading from Coventr' towards Stivechale; which said 8 selions lie in breadth between the land of the said Joylinus and the land which Richard le Pottere once held, and extend in length from the highway leading from Coventr' towards Stivechale as far as the headland of the said Joylinus next to the road called Alesleyeweye; to hold of the said Joylinus from Michaelmas 1293 for 9 years; and should Joylinus wish to sell the land within the said term or lease it for a longer term, then the said Richard would have first choice of the same; and for this he gives 8 shillings. Witnesses: Geoffrey de Whytele, Ranulph de Prestes of Stivechale, John de Canneleye of the same, John le Heyr of the same, Adam Russel of Coventr', Geoffrey le Lef of the same, Roger the clerk of the same and others. Seal on tag; oval, white; damaged and defaced. An eagle rising. Endorsed: i) Warr' Stiveschale [14th century] ii) viij landes in the hall Felde iii) Segrave [AG] iv) 21 Ed I [AG]