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Shilton deeds and papers


Licence from Brother James de Horton' Prior of the Cathedral Church of Coventr', and the Chapter and Convent of the same, to the men of Shulton', namely, Hugh de Pakyngton', William Taylour, John atte Welle, William Harvard' and Richard Smyth', parishioners of the churches of the Holy Trinity and St. Michael of Coventr', to bury their dead in the cemetery belonging to the chapel of Sulton' instead of in the cemetery of the said two churches saving to the said Prior, Chapter and Convent all emoluments accruing to them by ancient custom in respect of burials of parishioners of the said churches. Dated at Coventr', Friday next after the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, 1393. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, white. A figure of the blessed Virgin and child. Legend indecipherable. Counter seal, an ark floating upon water. Legend: SIGLUM CLEMENCIE DEI. Endorsed: i) licentia sepeliendo in capella de Shultone [AG] ii) liberi tenentes ibidem. Littere patentes domine Marie Regine Anglie facte Thome Reve, Egidio Ishame, date anno secundo [AG]