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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Gerard de Allespath' to William his son by Alice his first wife of a half virgate of land with messuages and gardens which John le Malier' held in the town of Allespathe; to hold together with access to Gerard's marl-pit called Bontesmarleput and to the common waste of Alespath', to take marl when required for manuring the said land, and from the said waste fuel for the bakehouse and brewhouse and other necessary places; rendering annually one penny at Christmas for all secular services, suit of court, and other demands which could arise on the said lands, namely wardships, reliefs, heriots, escheats, etc. If the said William should die without heirs then the said land to pass to Matilda, Gerard's daughter. Witnesses: William Waldieve, Walter `domino de Allespath', Nicholas Goding, Richard de Hul, William de Slade de Fillungele, Philip Kenon, John de Ruton', John de Cloucestr', clerk, and others. Seal on tag; circular, white, defaced. Endorsed: An entaill' of Gylmyns londe by Gerarde of Alspath' to William his son which William his son after his fadres deth' in his evidence calleth' hymself William Gylmyn' some tyme ye son of Gerard of Alspath'. [15th or early 16th c.]