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Stivichall deeds and papers


Notification from Osbert abbot of Stanlau, Robert and H. priors of Bireh' and Burch' and R[obert de Styvec]hale of a settlement of a dispute between R[alph] de Meinewarin, parson of the church of St. Michael of [Coventr'] and [Robert] the marshall of Stivechale over the tithes of the mills of Stivechal, in manner following: the said Ralph remitted all quarrels against the said Robert in the dispute, in return for which the said Robert, as lord of the chapel of Stivechal, gave a house (mansura) in the same vill `quam ipse fecit claudere' lying between the house which Stephen son of Brune held and the house which Simon held, to the perpetual use of the chaplain serving there. Seals: i) fragments on tag, wrapped in silk ii) tag only iii) seal and tag missing iv) tag only Endorsed: i) In Comit' de Warewik' de molerdino Stivech' Alrenford [14th c.] ii) decime molendinorum domine de Styveshal' iii) mansura capelle xv H.III [AG] iv) Robertus ?dominus de Styvighal in iure domine Margerie uxoris [AG]

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Deficiencies (shown in square brackets) supplied from the Greg. Cart. (no. DR10/1409 below) f. 139.