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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Joylinus de Stivichale to William le Westerne of Stivichale and Susanna his wife of a piece of land in the vill of Stivichale called le Overehallestude with a certain road leading from the said piece of land towards the church of Stivichale, which road lies between land which Thomas de Barewe held on both sides; and the said piece of land lies next the highway between the land which Thomas de Barewe held the land called Hemefeld, together with all appurtenances and easements; to hold to the said William and his heirs for ever of the chief lord of the fee; and for this the said William gives 40 shillings. Witnesses: Adam de Okes of Wytele, Geoffrey de Wytele, Adam Russel of Coventr', Roger Ballard of the same, Thomas de Barewe of Stivihale, Richard le Wodeward of the same, John le Heir of the same and others. Seal on tag; circular, black; incomplete. A dart between 2 ?oak leaves. Legend: S' IOILINI D' STIVECHAL Endorsed: i) Willelmus le Westerne filius Jolyny [AG] ii) le overhalstude [AG]