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Quitclaim from John Benet to Roger le Bray and Emma his wife of land in Allesley


Copy of a quitclaim with warranty from John Benet of Allusleye to Roger le Bray of Coventre and Emma his wife of a plot of land with a house erected thereon in Allesleye with a curtilage and croft adjoining and with a grove called Netherfyney, all lying between the grantor's land and the land of Henry son of Jordan Alcok in breadth, and extending in length from the grantor's land to the road which leads from [Gren]esmill' towards Haukestey; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Dated at Allesley, Monday next after the feast of St. Margaret the Virgin, 20 Edward II. ? Late 15th century copy. Inscribed at foot `pro copia'.

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    Copy c. late 15th century of a 21/07/1326 document

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