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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Joylinus de Stivechale to Reginald Ballard of Coventr' of land in the field of Stivechale called le Hallefeld, with adjacent headlands, lying in breadth between land which Richard le Pottere held and the land of Adam Russel of Coventr', and extending in length from the highway leading from Stivechale towards Coventr' as far as the road called Allesleyweye; to hold of the said Joylinus for the lifetime of the said Reginald, rendering annually from Michaelmas 26 Edward I [1298] for 12 years one clove of gilly flower at Christmas, and after the said 12 years, 20 shillings annually, payable at the four usual terms in Stivechale; and should the said Reginald die within the said term of 12 years, then his heirs may hold the said land for the remainder of the said term; and for this the said Reginald gives one mark. Witnesses: Adam Russel of Coventr', Geoffrey de Wytele, Master Robert Pykerel of Stivechale, Richard le Wodeward of the same, Thomas de Barewe of the same, John le Heyr of the same, John de Cannele of the same and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Warr', Stiveschall' [14th century] ii) Allesley wey [AG] iii) Hallfelde [AG] iv) Segrave [AG] v) 26 Ed i [AG]