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Papers relating to admissions to King Edward VI Grammar School, Stratford-upon-Avon


At a Council meeting of 16 October 1811, new regulations for the King's Grammar School were introduced. These required the names and ages of prospective candidates and names of their parents to be sent to the Mayor and be referred to the Corporation. Not more than 20 boys were to be admitted to the school at any one time with new pupils only being admitted when other boys left the school, were removed, or died. Only boys over the age of 7 and whose parents were resident within the Corporation limits were to be considered. Elected boys received an Admission Ticket bearing the seal of the Corporation - for this they were to pay 1 guinea to the Master. Pupils were instructed in the classics, English grammar, reading and spelling free of charge but instruction in writing and arithmetic was to cost 3 guineas per annum. Boys were also expected to pay two shillings and six pence annually for coals to be used by the school (information extracted from BRU/2/7)