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Stivichall deeds and papers


Counterpart of no. 830. Signed: Arth. Gregory Tag, seal lost. Witnesses on dorso: Edward Fynis, Thomas Wade'(by mark), Hugh Willington', the writer of the deed. Endorsed with memorandum of assignment, dated 14 May 28 Elizabeth from Robert Hopton to Edward Fynis of Coventre, clothier, together with a bond from Arthur Gregorye in 40 pounds for the performance of covenants (no. 833). Signed per me Robert Hopton', with the consent of Arth. Gregory. Other endorsements: i) Mother Hartt dyed the 5th day of Octobr 1590. Mr. Humphrey Smalewoodd shortly after beinge chosen maior of Coventr' ii) the lese of widdow Harts howse in Stivichall etc. with the landes etc. iii) Fynnys