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Stivichall deeds and papers


Feoffment with warranty from Thomas Gregorie of Coventrie to John Waide of Coventrie, mercer, James Rogers of the same, vintner, Henry Porter, gent., William Gregorye of Asfordeby and Francis Waide of all his messuages, lands, tenements, and meadows, etc. in the vills and fields of Stychall, Folkeshull, Kyngeshul, Corley and Fylongley, except Hullynghull graunge, otherwise known as Henwell graunge, in Kingeshul; to hold the same, for the use of the said Thomas and Elizabeth his wife and their heirs, of the chief lord of the fee. Appointment of William Queneboroughe of Coventrie, chaplain, as attorney to deliver seisin. Dated: 1 August, 38 Henry VIII Signed: Ego idem Thomas Gregorie manu mea Seal on tag; shield-shaped, red. A saltire. Endorsed: i) Vide litteram attornati et executionem huius feoffamenti de dato quarto Augusti anno infrascripto in presentia diversorum etc. [AG] ii) Ricardus Denton' clericus predicti Thome Gregory ---- scriptor [AG] iii) Stonley et Corley iv) Iunctura Elizabeth' Waid uxoris Thome Gregory [AG]