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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from Thomas Caruswell', prior of the monastery of Our Lady in Coventr' and the convent of the same, to Richard Grene of Stichall' of a cottage in Stichall' with a close belonging to it next the land of Sir Humphrey Ferris, knight, and the land next the king's highway; also a yardland, one part of which abutts on the king's park between land of Sir Humphrey Ferris on both sides, and the other part lies in the field going up to the church between land of Sir Humphrey Ferris and land of the College of Cambridge; also a piece of meadow lying next to the town by the common waterside; to hold the same for a term of 61 years, rendering annually ----------; and the said Richard is to maintain the said property at his own expense. Dated: 9 May, 30 Henry VIII On tag, seal of the Prior and Convent, incomplete and rather worn. Endorsed: i) These ------ prove the landes within mencioned to be heridtable [AG] ii) a lese set by the Abbat and Covent of Coventry of Landes in Stivichall [LG] Attached: a receipt headed STYCHALL' issued by Richard Sheffeld', constable, to William Neyll', `baylie', for 20 pounds in goods, and to Richard Grene for the same. Note on dorso by AG: Note Richard Greyne inhabiting in ye rectory cotage and Prior Webbe in the Overhall who ther died; also Sir Robert Tayt died in the Overhall and thereof was farmer.