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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from Henry Lokewoode, Doctor of Divinity, and master of Christ's College, Cambridge and the fellows of the same, to Thomas Amorson' of Coventr', tallow chandler, of all their lands, tenements and rents, etc., in the towns and fields of Stychall', Allesley and Bedworth', late of Margaret Clerk' of Coventr', widow; to hold the same from the feast of the Annunciation last for a term of 31 years, rendering annually 45 shillings; and the said Thomas shall bear all charges on the said land and maintain the said premises in good repair at his own expense, on pain of a fine of 40 shillings; and the said Thomas may lop and fell all wood and underwood growing upon the said land except samplers `lyke to be a tymber tree'. Dated: 12 March, 24 Henry VIII Fragment of the College seal on tag. Endorsed: i) at great length by Arthur Gregory containing details of the descent of the land from a grant by Margery de Nerbone to Ranulph her son, 32 Henry III, and ending with a grant by Richard Clerk to the College of 7 Henry VII ii) The Colidge lese [LG]