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Legal cases - Gregory family


Attested copy of an order in Chancery, dated 13 February, 33 Elizabeth, in the case between Edward Marburye, plaintiff, and Edmund Gregorie, defendant. Whereas the defendant claimed that he had received the Bond in question while he was an infant for his maintenance and preferment, which, having been long time kept from him, was about one year since executed upon certain lands in Kingeshill which the plaintiff claimed by lease made after the said Bond or Statute and for which he therefore refused to pay rent to the defendant; and whereas it was also alleged that the defendant, in collusion with Arthur Gregorie his landlord to delay the benefit of the said extent accruing to the defendant, had exhibited a bill of complaint against the said Arthur Gregorie in the court of Chancery alleging fraud in the acknowledging of the bond in order to preclude the defendant from his remedy at Common Law, it is now ordered that for the time past since the extent the plaintiff should pay to the defendant such rent, etc. as had been reserved upon the lease and that henceforth the defendant should have free and absolute power without restraint by the Court of Chancery to pursue his remedy at Common law.