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Stivichall deeds and papers


Probate copy of the will of Segrave Gregory of Stivichall, gent., dated 18 April 1654, with the following bequests; to the poor of Stivichall, 3 pounds, 40 shillings of which is to be bestowed on any of such poor persons who hold land of the Gregorys, and the other 20 shillings on the rest of the poor; To his sister Isabell Tayler, widow, 40 shillings, and to her children by Richard Tayler, his brother-in-law, 12 pence apiece; To Mary Widdowson, 12 pence, and to her son William Astley, 20 nobles, and to Judith Astley and to her children by John Astley, 12 pence apiece; To Joseph Hewett and Stephen ?Doinar, 10 shillings apiece; To the churchwardens and inhabitants of Stivichall 3 pounds towards the casting of the bell, if this is done within nine months of his decease; To Mary Gregory of Stivichall, daughter of John Gregory, deceased, whom he also appoints as executrix, 100 pounds and the residue of his estate; to those who attend him in the time of his sickness, 13s. 4d., provided the number of such persons does not exceed four. Witnesses: William Maule, Thomas Nalle, Mary Burton, Anne Lynes (by mark) Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Will of Segrave Gregory 1654 Attached letter of administration granted to Mary Gregory, as the sole executrix of Segrave Gregory, dated 8 October 1659.