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Canley in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Bond of obligation from William,son of Alexander de Canele,to John his brother in seven marks sterling to be paid at Michaelmas 1274 at Cain in Normandy; and in default of payment the said John is to have seisin of his land and tenement in Canele and Asthulle, and the charter of feoffment given by the said William to the said John to be annulled. The said William also binds himself to the Sheriff of Warwickshire in 40 shillings and to the Abbot of Stonle in 40 shillings for payment of the above seven marks. Dated at Canele, 4 Kalends December 1272. Witnesses: Robert de Canele, Master Thomas de Canele, Geoffrey de Crulefeld, William Michel, John de Lasale, Henry Rachel, Henry de Mora, Hugh le Turnur, Richard de Daddele and others. Seal and tag missing.