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Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Agreement between William [de Heyford] Abbot of Stonl' and the Convent of the same place and Sir Thomas de Endesovere, lord of Bathekynton, that, whereas a dispute had arisen concerning the piscary and the manner of fishing in the river Sowe between the manors of Stonl' and of Bathekynton', now the lord of Bathekynton' for the time being shall have for ever enclosed (in suo defenso) the river with the piscary from his water mill there to the ford called Periford', and his weir there if he wishes as formerly; but from the said ford of Peryford' above to the bridge, (so long as the ground of the manor of Stanl' reaches to the said river) the Abbot and Convent of Stonl' may freely and lawfully fish according to the wishes of the lord of Bathekynton'. Witnesses: Master Guy, Peter le Bretoun, Sir William [? de Merston] the vicar of Stonl', Alexander de Bathekynton', Ranulph of the same, Alexander de Crulefeld', Nicholas de Fyneberg', William Selet and others. Seal on tag: Fragment of Convent seal, black. Endorsed: i) Composicio inter Abbatem de Stonley et dominum de Bathekinton' de piscaria de Sowe [contemp.] ii) Rec. de J. Verney.

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