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Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Quitclaim in frankalmoign from Henry de Suckberge, with the assent of his wife, Mary, to God and Saint Mary and the Abbey of Stanl' and the Monks there serving God of all his right in that tenement which belonged to him as part of the land of Robert the provost (prepositus), namely the third part of the mansion of the same Robert in the vill of Stanl' the third part of Sondiweie croft, the third part of Stanidelve croft, the third part of Mulnecroft, the third part of Turnebitte croft and a third part of the meadow which is behind the mill. Witnesses: Reginald Basset, Robert de Cheinei, John the Provost (prepositus) of Stanl', John Tisun, Richard de Firham, Roger son of Turchil and the whole court of Stanleia. Seal on tag: circular, pinkish brown. A lion rampant. Legend: SIGILLVM HANRICI DE SVTBER Endorsed: i) Henr. de Suckeber' [contemp.] ii) Stonley