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Stivichall deeds and papers


Copy of court roll of the court baron of Henry Barkeley, knight, Lord Barkeley, Mowbraye, Segrave and Bruce held at Calloughdon on the 10 April 8 Elizabeth, recording the surrender by Thomas Hersall of a cottage and curtilage of one acre in Stichall, and the re-entry of the said Thomas Hersall, Agnes his wife and Robert Hersall their son, into the same premises to hold for the duration of their lives at a yearly rent of 8 shillings, rendering customary service and paying 20 shillings for entry. Signed by Henry Berkeley and Baldew.Porter, steward. Seal, missing, tongue torn away. Endorsed: No parcell of Caloughdon for Segrave did purchas Stychal of William sonne of Jolyine of Stychale and therby keipt court in Stychal, as apperyth by court rolles. Note this cotage was erected hard by the hall of Stychal, nowe prostrat and burnt down and in holding of Edw. Fynes who stopped the motes about hit, as appereth by token therof [AG]

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Originally filed with nos. DR10/720, DR10/730, DR10/748, DR10/785, DR10/796-7, DR10/1516