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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John son of Siward Fisher (piscatoris) to Philip son of Nicholas de Hulle and his heirs of a fourth part of one virgate of land in Hulle with a messuage pertaining to half a virgate of land for service and homage, namely that land which lies between the land which belonged to Thomas de Bur[mingh]am and the land of James de Hulle; to hold the same of the said John, rendering 2 shillings quarterly and a pair of gloves; and for this the said Philip gives 24 shillings. Witnesses: Geoffrey de Staverton, John de Stanle, Alexander de Meleburne, Thomas de Finham, Robert son of Ketelbern de Hulle, Alexander de Hulle and others. Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: `Carta faciens mencionem de terra que fuit Thome de Leyo'