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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from William Neille of Stichall, surgeon, to Joyce Thomare of Coventre, doctor of physic, of a water-mill with appurtenances in Stichall called the Heythmilne, with the mill-house, water courses, streams, floodgates and all other profits pertaining thereto; and also an orchard and water meadows between the Stockinges and the said mill with a way through the meadow there to the mill, reserving to the said William Neille a meadow ground with a croft called Hingolds grove between the said mill and the mill which Hugh ?Astone holds; to hold the same from Michaelmas last for a term of 20 years, rendering annually 34 shillings (2 terms) and a heriot according to the custom there and 10 shillings for the `harnesing' of a man whenever Mr. John Ferres, lord of the premises, is called upon to furnish men for war; and the said Joyes is to maintain the said property during the said term at his own expense and to leave it at the end of the term in working order. Dated: first of May, 2 and 3 Phillip and Mary Signed: per me Joice Thomare Seal on tag; circular, red; defaced. Endorsed: Doctor Toomer