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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from John Covel, Doctor of Divinity and Master of Christ's College, Cambridge, and the fellows of the same, to Arthur Gregory of Stichall, esq., of all their lands and tenements etc. in Stichall, except all coals dug upon the said premises and all trees growing thereon; to hold for 21 years, rendering annually to the College 8 shillings, 4 bushels of purkey wheat and 2 bushels of barley malt, and to the lord of the manor of Stichall 4 shillings and half a pound of cumin; and the said Arthur agrees that within two years he will cause to be drawn up a terrier of all the demised lands. [See no. 1427] On tag, seal of Christ's College, Cambridge, wrapped in parchment. Endorsed: Lease from X's College to Arthur Gregory, esq. of lands in Stichall for 21 yeares commenceing from Michaelmas 1711 and to be renewed att Michaelmas 1718