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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from John Gregory of Stivechall, gent., to Mary Gregory and Grace Gregory, daughters of the said John, of one and a quarter yardlands in the fields of Stivechall, late in the occupation of the said John Gregory and now of Gregory Grissolld; also a quarter yardland in the fields of Stivechall in the occupation of Edward Sterton, a close called Harts close or Georges close in the occupation of the said John Gregory in Stivechall, and a close in Stivechall called Duelott meadow in the occupation of the said John Gregory; to hold the same for 99 years, rendering annually 40 shillings until the death of one of them, and thereafter 12 pounds to be paid annually by the survivor; and the said John Gregory retains the right to re-possess the same on the payment of 5 shillings to each of them. Dated: 10 September, 11 Charles I Signed: John Gregory Tag, seal lost. Witnesses: James Prescott, Loveisgod Gregory, Timothy Bartlett (by mark), Richard Sharman (by mark), George Underhill. Endorsed: i) My lease to my daughters Mary and Grace Gregory ii) Memorandom. V sups; payd in tendar in preasence on An Grissold, Edward Sterton, Robertt Burton, Elsobeth Smart and Seagrave Gregory. Mari Gregory and Grace Gregory bracke of the seales thenselves, then 20 li. as in Hill