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Walsgrave-on-Sowe deeds and papers


Feoffment with warranty from Joan Rous, widow, to Arthur Gregory, esq., of one and a half acres of land with headlands, and one rod and four little swathes of meadow lying in Sowe; to hold to the said Arthur and his heirs for ever of the chief lord of the fee. Appointment of Thomas [Under] hill as attorney to deliver seisin. Dated: 7 August, 38 Elizabeth Signed with the mark of Joan Rous, in the presence of Richard Saunders and William Greene, who also make their marks. Seal on tag; circular, red; obscure. Endorsed: i) with memorandum of delivery of seisin in the presence of Thomas Witmay, Richard Saunders, Robert Ratcliffe and others. ii) Landes in Sow [LG]