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Stivichall deeds and papers


Agreement between Isaac Pearson Evans of Griff, land agent for Arthur Francis Gregory of Stivichall Hall, esq., and Edward Petre of Whitley Abbey, esq., for seven years and thereafter from year to year subject to six months' notice of termination, that the diversion of water from the River Sherbourne and a brook separating the Stivichall estate from land belonging to the freemen of Coventry by the said Edward Petre, for the purpose of obtaining a stream of running water adjacent to Whitley Abbey, shall not confer upon him any right to the use and enjoyment of such water nor interfere with the ancient water rights and mill rights appurtenant to the Stivichall estate; and the said Edward Petre shall pay an annual rent of 5 pounds. Plan. Signed: Edward Petre Red seal applied. Witness: Oliver Minster, solicitor of Coventry.