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Fletchampstead in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift from John [de la Sale] Abbot of Stonleye and the Convent of the same place to Henry de Coventr', clerk, of two acres of land in their waste of West wode lying in breadth between the land which Thomas le Campiun formerly held of the said waste and the way which leads towards Berkeswelle; to hold the same to the said Henry, his heirs and assigns (except monks), rendering annually to the said abbey 16 pence at the terms usual in the manor of Stonleye for all service except two annual appearances at the view of frankpledge at their court of Stonleye; and should the said Henry lose any of the said land by judgement of the King's Court, then the rent will be adjusted accordingly. Witnesses: Alexander de Crulefeld, John Gopyl, Thomas le Iuvene, William Moys and many others. Seal on tag: brown, a pointed oval. Standing figure of an abbot with crozier. Legend: SIGILL' ABBATIS DE STANLEIA. The tag is a portion of an earlier document. Endorsed: Flechamstud xvj supd; chief. [AG]