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East Greenwich, Kent deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John Moger of the parish of Depsfotyscraye and Isabella his wife, and John Avery and Joan his wife of the parish of Orpynton' in Kent, to Thomas Forneys, baker, of Estgrenewych' of a messuage with garden adjoining and appurtenances in the parish of Estgrenewych' between land of William Frere on the east, the king's way on the west, the messuage of the said William Frere on the north, and the messuage of the prior of Chene on the south; with the further gift of another garden in Estgrenewych' between the land called Batyslane on the east, the garden of John Mayhewe on the west, the land of Robert Cheseman' on the north and the garden of the Duke of Gloucester on the south; with the further gift of a rent of 12s. 4d. issuing from a tenement once of Matilda Baron' and now of William Frere; to hold the said gifts for ever of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Robert Cheseman', Thomas Ferror, William Chaundeler, Richard Wallys, Richard Style, John Redes and many others. Dated at Estgrenewch', Tuesday after the feast of St. Martin's, 19 Henry VI. Seals: 2 in red wax on tags, fragmentary.