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Fletchampstead in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease from Robert (Sutton) Abbot of the Monastery of the Blessed Mary of Stonley and the Convent of the same place to Lawrence Walgrave, of four waste lands with appurtenances in Flechamsted within the lordship of Stonley of which two contain six and a half acres of land and lie between the highway leading from Coventr' towards Berkeswell and a certain waste formerly belonging to Adam Basset; and the other two wastes are called Clementes Wastes and lie between the land of the said Abbot and Convent and land called Stoke Tilhill' which Richard Aleyn' of Coventr' formerly held of the lord of Stoke, extending in length from the lane called Blakefen Lane to the lane called Stoketilhill' Lane; to hold the same for a term of 21 years, rendering annually 20 shillings. Dated at Stonley on the Feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude, 23 Henry VII. Seal on tag: red, with W in oblong. Endorsed with a further clause that the said Lawrence may have as much wood as it has been usual to take according to the custom of the manor.