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Stivichall deeds and papers


The award of Richard Papworth of Fen Drayton, co. Cambs., John Lant of Wobberley, William Shakespeare of Knowle and William Butler of the Hundred Oaks, gents., commissioners appointed to execute an Act of Parliament of 13 George II, for the inclosure of the common fields of Stivichall, alias Stichall. Awards: in Park Field i) to Bridget Bowater, widow, 96 acres 2 roods, 28 perches (specified); ii) to Arthur Gregory, esq., 85 acres 1 rood 38 perches (specified); 12 acres 7 perches (specified) In Church Field i) to Christ's College,Cambridge, 18 acres 1 rood 38 perches (specified) ii) to Arthur Gregory, 147 acres 30 perches (specified) In Hall Field i) to Dame Anne Fisher, 22 acres 2 roods, 9 perches (specified) ii) to Arthur Gregory, 2 acres 16 perches (specified); 17 acres 1 rood 12 perches (specified); In Netherfield and Stichall meadow; to Arthur Gregory, 180 acres 2 roods 21 perches (specified); 9 acres 3 roods 14 perches. Total: 594 acres 8 perches. Orders for roads and fences. Signed: Richard Papworth, John Lant, William Shakespeare, William Butler. Fragment of red seal applied. Witnesses: Henry Beighton, William Inge. Endorsed: i) with certificate of enrollment at the General Quarter Sessions held at Coventry 30 Oct. 1741. ii) Stivichall Award 1741