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Fletchampstead in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John, son of Michael de Flicchamstude to Margaret, daughter of Thomas le Champiun of the same place, of a messuage in Flicchamstude, with a little curtilage at the end of it and a croft adjoining, lying between the way which leads from the mill of Flicchamstud towards Halisley on the east and the land which William son of Robert Simond held on the west, and between the land which the said William son of Robert held on the south and the land of the said John, son of Michael, on the north; to hold the same to the said Margaret, rendering yearly to the chief lords of that fee 2 shillings, at the four usual terms in the manor of Stonley; and for this the said Margaret has given 20 shillings. Witnesses: Alexander de Crulefelt, Roger ate More, Richard de Daddeley of Canley, Thomas le Ievene of Flicchamstude, Henry Rachel of the same, John Eward of the same, William Moys of the same and others. Dated at Flicchamstude, 19 Kalends February, 25 Edward I. Seal lost. The tag is a fragment of an earlier Stoneleigh deed. Endorsed: Flechamstede ij sups; chief. [AG]