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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Brother Osbert (de Westwelle), Abbot of Stanl' [1231-1258] and the Convent of the same place to Henry son of Robert de Hulle of three half acres of land in Hulle; namely one half acre which extends from Brocfurlong in length to the croft which Thomas de Burmingham held lying between the land of the grantors and the land of Alexander de Hulle; one half acre in Ruyecroft in Wudefeld' between land of the grantor and land of the said Alexander and reaching to Caldewell'; and half an acre in Longelond' extending from Wudiate in Stanilond between the grantors' land and land of John Andr', in exchange for one culture of land with appurtenances in Hurst which Nicholas, brother of the said Henry bought from Alexander Harlewyne; to hold the same of the said abbey, rendering annually one half penny for all secular services. Witnesses: John de Stanl', Geoffrey and Simon his sons, Alexander de Crulefeld', Robert de Meleburn', John de Finham, Thomas de Stanl' and others. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, green. The Abbot of Stonley holding his crosier between the sun and Moon. Legend: SIGILL' ABBATTS DE STANLEIA. Endorsed: Suffoke redditus obulum [AG]