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Finbury in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Robert de Halton', abbot of the Monastery of the Blessed Mary of Stonleia and the convent of the same place, to John Halley of Canley, of the waste called Fynbowr' Wast in exchange for all those lands and tenements with meadows and pastures in Flechehamstyde which were formerly of William Fynt of Flechehamstyde; which waste William Wylkyns of Couentr' holds, and which extends in length from the heath called Westwodehethet to the waste of the said John called Rudwast and in breadth from Rudwast to the waste called Fowraker which Felicia Stawnton' holds; to hold the same for ever, rendering annually 2 shillings (four terms). Witnesses: William Rude of Hurst, John Baxter of Canley, William Dadley of the same, Henry Robert of Flechehamstyde, John Rude of the same and many others. Dated in the Monastery aforesaid, on the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary, 1433. Seal on tag: circular, red: crowned letter T. Endorsed: i) Halleley ii) Indentura Johannis Halley de Fynbowrowaste iii) Flechamsted. Hancorne [AG]