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Bonds and receipts: Gregory Family


Deposition of Thomas Saunders and William Phinis, taken at Waburley, that on the date below they heard John Dorryngton of Allesley affirm that on a Saturday in January last at Stoke in Coventry, Arthur Gregorye, gent., delivered an obligation (wherein the said Arthur was bound as surety for one Hampton in 200 marks for the payment of 100 pounds at Michaelmas last) to the obligee, Ralph Harwar with these words: `I do delyver thys bond upon condyssion y supt; Wyllyam Hampton shall make me a counter bond to save me harmles'. [See no. 2017]. Dated: 23 October, 11 Elizabeth Signed: Thomas Saunders, parson of the parish church of Allesley, the writer of the affidavit, William Phennys, merchant. Witnesses: ---- Dorrengton, ------ illers.