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Canley in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Quitclaim from Hugh Hally to Henry, son of Roger de Canel', of all his right in an acre of land with two pieces of pasture in Canel' which he bought of Philip Godyer, which acre lies above Lokerslowe between land of the lord of the same town and land formerly of John le Turner; and in one piece of pasture in Brademedwe between a meadow of the lord and a meadow formerly of Richard, son of Roger; and in the other piece of pasture lying between a pasture of Alexander, son of Guy, and a pasture formerly of Richard, son of Roger; to hold by service of 3 pence annually to be paid to Sir Robert de Canel' and his heirs at three terms in the year in equal portions; for which quitclaim the said Henry gives half a mark of silver. Witnesses: Alexander de Crulefeld, John son of Walter de la Sale, William son of John de Canel', Alexander son of Guy, Jordan Thorbarn of Flichamstud', Richard son of Richard of the same, John de Watburl', Roger GOpil, William de Horewell' and others. Tag, seal lost.