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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease and release, the release being a conveyance, from Joseph Massen of London, merchant, son and heir at law of Benjamin Massen, late of Coventry, clothier, deceased, to Arthur Gregory of Stivichall, esq., for 150 pounds, of a close of arable land in the parishes of St. Michael and Stivichall, having the common turnpike called the New Road from Coventry to Warwick on the north, land of the Rt. Hon. Heneage, Earl of Aylesford, on the south, other lands of the said Earl of Aylesford on the east and the common land of Stivichall on the west, part of which land descended to the said Joseph from his father, Benjamin Massen, and the other part (lately part of the Old Road leading from Coventry to Warwick called Warwick Lane) was lately conveyed to the said Joseph Massen by the Trustees of the Coventry to Warwick turnpike. Signed: Joseph Massen Red seal applied. Witnesses: Martin Holbeche, John Bissell.