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Finham in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from William Gilebert, son of Thomas Gilebert of Fynham to Richard leFysshere, son of Dionisia de Stretford', of one messuage and one acre of arable land with appurtenances in Fynham; which messuage lies between the tenement of the abbot and convent of Stonleye and the grantor's tenement in breadth; and one half acre lies on the furlong called Le Groveforlong' between the grantor's land and the land of Thomas de Daddeleye, and the other half acre beyond Le Colwey on the furlong called Le Oldefeld' between the grantor's land and the land of John Feysaunt; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee, rendering annually 12 pence (4 terms). Witnesses: Thomas de Fynham, John de Fynham, Thomas le Mon of the same, Alexander de Shireford' of Hull', John Philippes of the same, and others. Dated at Fynham, Saturday next after the Feast of St. James the Apostle, 19 Edward III. Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: Fynhame, xii supd; redditus [AG]