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Corley deeds and papers


Acknowledgement from Geoffrey Jones, vicar of Corley, that he holds of Arthur Gregory, esq., the patron of Corley church, the rectory of Corley paying to him 40 shillings for the tithes and that the said corn tithes are no part of the vicarage but belonged to the prior of Coventry by appropriation. Dated: 8 December, 28 Elizabeth. Signed: Jeffrey Jones, vicar. Red Seal applied, papered. Endorsed: i) Indentura Galfridi Jones vicarii de Corley de decimis garbarum appropriatis priori, rectori quondam ibidem, existentibus parcella rectoriae et non vicariae de Corly [AG] ii) Of the tithe corne of the rectory of Corley [LG] iii. Dec. 8 28 El. Written by Arthur Gregory, torn.