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Finham in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Agreement between Thomas Lord Leigh, Baron of Stonely, and Arthur Gregory of Stivichall, esq., reciting that a field called Finham field in Finham had been enjoyed by Arthur Gregory and George Lucy of Charlecott, esq., as joint tenants and that a partition of the said field had then recently been made between them, so that the same might be enjoyed by them in severalty, [see no. 1039] and reciting that the tithes of the land of Arthur Gregory before partition belonged to him the said Arthur Gregory and that the tithes of the land of George Lucy before partition belonged to Thomas Lord Leigh and his heirs; it is now witnessed that Thomas Lord Leigh has conveyed to Arthur Gregory and his heirs all the tithes of the land of the said George Lucy issuing out of that part of Finham field allotted in severalty to Arthur Gregory by the above recited partition; and in exchange for this the said Arthur Gregory has conveyed to the said Thomas the tithes of the said Arthur in that part of Finham field allotted in severalty to George Lucy. Signed: Leigh, Arthur Gregory. Two red seals applied on tags: i) Armorial seal of Leigh of Stoneleigh ii) Armorial seal of Arthur Gregory Witnesses: T. Burgh and William Edwards. Endorsed: Lord Leigh's and Mr. Gregory's exchange of tyeth in Finham Feild.