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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Richard son of John le Wodeward' of Kingeshull' to John son of Richard Fordwyn of the same and Anable his wife, of one messuage with appurtenances in the vill of Kingeshulle, lying next the messuage of Richard Fordwyn and the messuage of Benigna Person; and one acre and a half of land in the fields of the same town of which one half acre lies in the little field on Le Stanilont next the land of Philip Johannes and the land of Ralph son of Stephen; one half acre in Le Wodefelt at Le Mor next the land of Roger de Finham and the land of Femmote widow of Robert Osebern; and one half an acre in Le Brocfelt at le Bottesthurn' next the land of the Abbot of Stonl' and the land of Thomas de Thorndon'; to hold the same for the lives of the longest liver of them, rendering annually 2s. 6d. at the terms usual in the manor of Stonl'. Witnesses: John de Finham, Roger de Finham, Thomas de Finham, Philip de Hulle, Leodegar of the same and others. Tag, seal missing.