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Official papers - Miscellaneous Inquisitions Post Mortem


Draft or copy of an inquisition held at -------- on ---- August, 7 Henry VIII on the death of Joan Stafford, late the wife of Henry Smyth, esq., concerning the manor of Flechamsted, property in Stondley and Grafton', the manor of Knyghtcote, property in Chepyngdorset, the manor and advowson of Stretton' Baskervyll' and land in Weston subtus Wheteley. Endorsed: on sheet 1: `officium post mortem Johanna Smyth, quondam uxor Henrici Smyth de Schyrforde. Pro Waltero Smythe' On sheet 2: i) post mortem Johanne Stafford pro Flechamsted [AG] ii) Weston de tenura Sancti Johannis Jerusal' in Anglia q' estate Fisher q' estate Gregory videlicet fealty and xii supd; per annum [AG]