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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease and release, the release being a conveyance, from the trustees of the Coventry to Warwick turnpike to Arthur Gregory of Stivichall, esq., reciting an Act of Parliament of 27 George II to establish the said turnpike with power to purchase land contiguous to the road, and reciting an Act of Parliament of 15 George III to enlarge the powers of the above Act as far as relates to the road which leads from Coventry through Kenilworth to Warwick and from Coventry to Martyn's Gutter, and reciting a resolution of a public meeting of 12 July 1786 that the said road from Coventry to Martyn's Gutter be re-directed over lands of the said Arthur Gregory in Stivichall then in his tenure, in return for which the said Arthur would receive 10 pounds and the old road. It is now witnessed that the said trustees, in consideration of 5 shillings paid to them by the said Arthur Gregory, have conveyed to him all the land in Stivichall leading thence to Martyn's Gutter, formerly part of the Turnpike road from the end of Coventry Causeway to Martyn's Gutter, containing one rood and four perches and lying between the orchard, gardens and lands of the said Arthur Gregory. Signed: Robert Sumner, Charles Gregory Wade, W. Corris, Thomas Cox, H. Watson Powell, Robert Mallory, Walter Landor, John Hallifax, Lilley Smith. Nine red seals applied. Witnesses: J. Harborne, Thomas Gibbins.